Pharmacy renovation in Ilioupoli

Pharmacy renovation in Ilioupoli

Innovo Constructions has once again undertaken the renovation of Mrs Bageorgou’s pharmacy. Another customer who trusted us for her pharmacy architectural design, as our reputation preceded. The construction of a pharmacy cannot be carried out unless the architecrural design is carried out first. It has to be done by people who have vast experience in business renovations such as Innovo Constructions.

This pharmacy, as it is clear from the photos, was undergoing a radical renovation as its form is old and indifferent. We have also made sure that the facade of the business is still visible from the front, using large and light crosses. The cross is the ubiquitous mark of pharmacies and must be seen from a distance and clearly.

In fact, two proposals have been made for the shape of the cross. One with the cross being recessed into the plasterboard and one protruding. Lighting is recommended in both cases, as it is necessary. The same is true with the word “PHARMACY” that will appear as an inscription. The rest of the wall will be light gray in order to highlight the cross and the sign.

Indoors light gray was applied, as on the facade. The grey appears on the pillars and around the ceiling, as well as in some subtle corners of the store. We made sure not to overdo it, in order to focus on brightness. To achieve this, the dominant color is white. White demonstrates cleanliness and shows the space bigger and brighter.

Hidden and visible lighting has been chosen so that both the customers and the staff have better visibility. The way illumination falls on white allows light to diffuse better and everywhere.

Simple and straightforward stands have been installed along the walls for better product placement and visibility. The stands have a simple cognac-colored wood on the back and small glass shelves, hosting the products, without stealing their shine. And in the center of the store, there are small and beautiful stands in the shape of a cube.

We used all four of their sides, again placing glass shelves so that more products could be placed. The practicality meets the amazing design.
Of course we didn’t leave the cashier and service area either. Two cash desks have been set up, with the infrastructure to accommodate all amenities so that employees can do their job well. The storage and collection area of ​​the merchandise has been concealed from behind, so that it is not visible to the curious eyes.

We built a fantasy store for Mrs Bageorgou and her customers !!

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