Pharmacy Construction

The comprehensive architectural design meets your needs for a perfect pharmacy construction with responsibility and emphasis on functionality, quality and commerciality.

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Pharmacy Construction

The comprehensive architectural design meets your needs for a perfect pharmacy construction with responsibility and emphasis on functionality, quality and commerciality.

The high level of construction is achieved by the application of original ideas and modern materials by the specialized team of Innovo Constructions. The special and ergonomic equipment of the space with counters, shelves, showcases, gondolas, refrigerators, pharmacy drawers is part of a unique aesthetic ensemble that stands out and gives value to the business.

The ability to automate and install a robotic system in pharmacy constructions modernizes the organization, the storage of medicines and eliminates customer service time. The functional organization of the space and the refined decoration in combination with the new products and services upgrade the overall experience of the consumer.

Σχεδιασμός και ανακαίνιση περιπτέρου Expopharm

Design and construction of the booth Expopham 2017 Dusseldorf

Innovo Constructions participated with great success in the Pharmacy Exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany from 13 to 16th of September. Following its bright history and the excellent partnerships of the company in the European space, this year also gave German citizens the opportunity to get to know it through its impressive booth.

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Pharmacy construction in ArgyroupoIi

The communication character of the pharmacy in Argyroupoli can be understood ever at first glance on its external aspects. The original inscription with the green luminous branches and the special pharmacist logo are the appropriate visual stimuli to attract the attention of passers-by. The simple and elegant glass windows display the products in class and organization.

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Ανακαινίσεις φαρμακείων Αργυρούπολη
Ανακαίνιση Φαρμακείου στη Βάρη

An original Construction of pharmacy in Vari

So, do you wonder how you can make your store stand out? How to attract new customers and tempt them by targeting your sales growth? The solution lies in changing the image that the buyer has for your pharmacy. The design and the construction of an amazing pharmacy in Vari is an ideal example of modernization and aesthetics of a pharmacy upgrade.

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Pharmacy construction in Nea Erythrea

The futuristic design of the pharmacy in Nea Erythrea with the curves and the original decoration elements is perceived at the first glance of the passerby. The oval shape is the special motif that characterizes the space. The central display of the glass windows, the recesses in wall-mounted windows and the lighting fixtures follow the dominant idea, giving “warmth” and friendliness to the atmosphere.

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Κατασκευή Φαρμακείου Νέα Ερυθραία
Κατασκευή Φαρμακείου Πετρούπολη

Pharmacy construction in Petroupoli

When talking about a fully modernized pharmacy, we refer to the pharmacy in Petroupoli. Automation, modern facilities, original constructions, the use of innovative materials highlight the pharmacy of the future in modern times. The renovation of the pharmacy was completed by Innovo Constructions in collaboration with the pharmacist, achieving an excellent result that exceeds all expectations.

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Pharmacy Construction in Kiato

The pharmacy in Kiato is a reference point for the local population. The architecture of the building is perfectly combined with the equipment of the pharmacy, leading to a harmonious yet impressive result. The unique identity of the pharmacy adopts all modern consumer trends and applies new methods to create the right environment that remains indelible in the memory of the individual and at the same time promotes the markets.

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Κατασκευή Φαρμακείου στο Κιάτο

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