Merchandising in different types of pharmacies

Merchandising in different types of pharmacies

The prolonged crisis has brought many changes to the market and product promotion. The pharmacy is going through a difficult time due to reduced pharmaceutical costs and shrunk profits. Drugs are also being sold at significant discounts in online pharmacies, retail chains and cosmetic shops. For these reasons, each pharmacy strives to stand out and promote its uniqueness. Pharmacy renovations by specialists always take into account all the parameters that will make the store competitive with great recognition. His position plays an important role as he defines his type, needs and strategy that each pharmacist would like to follow.


The types of pharmacy are:

Neighborhood pharmacy – Serves mainly the “neighborhood”

Main Pharmacy – Located in a highly commercial area

Regional Pharmacy – Located on a busy highway

Pharmacy in a village

Pharmacy in a tourist area

Pharmacy opposite prescription center – opposite health center or hospital or N.O.H.S.P.

In general, all pharmacies should be comfortable with a customer-friendly environment. Proper merchandising promotes and promotes products with the ultimate goal of increasing spontaneous market placement. The external image of the pharmacy must attract the passer-by to enter its interior.

MERCHANDISING in pharmacies

On the contrary, the needs are different depending on the type of pharmacy.

In the suburbs, pharmacy equipment and furniture are selected and positioned to make the specialty of herbal products visible, for example, in a special display area near the counter or where there is a suitable person for advice.

At the central or peripheral pharmacies, gondolas, with everyday products, play a key role in pharmacy equipment.

In the tourist pharmacies, the pharmacy drawers do not become visible to the customer so that the entire space is ready for the emergence of seasonal and essential products.

In pharmacies in prescription center areas, the counter and the space behind it serve the growing need for a drug storage space.If we tried to give some design specificity to each type of pharmacy, we would end up with: pharmacy internally In neighborhoods and villages, the construction of the pharmacy should better create a warm and family atmosphere.

Centrally, the layout of the interiors for the purpose of displaying a multitude of products creates the need to find a large store. In tourism ones, foreign language product labeling is essential. In regional pharmacies, access to the space plays a key role.

The presence of parking in front of the space is very important.In order to strengthen the market position of the pharmacy, each pharmacist must act and adapt to the needs of his or her public. In any case, whatever the type of pharmacy, the main needs are the same, with variations in detail.