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Architectural design

The integrated architectural design by Innovo Constructions is the key to success for a successful construction of a property (whether professional or residential). The correct and complete architectural design of each technical project is necessary for the accuracy, speed and quality of its implementation. Comprehensiveness, proper planning and precision is a priority for the workforce, so that the execution of any project runs smoothly, fast and in line with current market trends.


1. Imprint

Imprint designing, that is, compiling sketches, taking measurements, and then performing the above on a scale and linear design, is a task that aims to represent space. Photographic documentation brings the designer one step closer to real estate in a “virtual reality” aiming at analytical design with personalized solutions and suggestions.


2. Design in 2 dimensions

in modern computer design programs. The floor plans, the facades and the sections of the space of the existing situation that are created are the foundations of a correct and realistic architectural design, which starts from the research and ends with the idea of implementation with specific style, colors, functionality.


3. Research

and of the applications allows the company to make its own original proposals for the spaces’s modernization. The priority of the company is the understanding of the desires and the complete coverage of the customer’s needs.

At the same time, the expert visiting the property can understand the suitability of the location and the needs of the space, to distinguish situations and problems that at first glance do not appear, reducing unpredictable costs.

If it is a business, research is also done on the interests of the buying public, the strength of the competition and its offer to the target customers.


4. Ergonomic layouts

At the same time, the designer, having the experience and the know-how, designs the needs and requirements of the customer. Once the two-dimensional design phase is completed, we proceed to create the three-dimensional model and the photorealistic images.


5. 3D – Photorealistic images

the materials, the colors. At the same time, the proposed materials are sampled so that the customer acquires a very clear picture of the new identity of his space. Any objections, modifications or objections to it, allow the redesign of the space until the desired result is achieved that fully meets its expectations. This is followed by heating-cooling studies, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic installations, monitoring and alarm systems.


6. Lighting study

Each type of lighting serves a different purpose, but most of the time their cooperation gives the desired result. The right combination of natural and artificial lighting gives radiance and shine to the property and creates the desired atmosphere. According to her, she suggests ways of lighting depending on the use of each space for its better promotion. The ideal lighting provides security and well-being to the user and completes a decorative effect.


7. Timetable – Construction

This avoids any unpleasant surprises for the employer. The integrated architectural design allows the manufacturer to create infrastructure and expectations for future additions to the premises.
During the construction of the project, a schedule is kept in order to calculate from the beginning the exact progress of the works, which will be implemented from the start date to the delivery date, as a result of which the way of organization and management of the project is determined.


8. Supervision

without whom mistakes, failures, flaws, delays usually result, leading to a problematic and unreliable technical project. The fruitful cooperation between the company and the customer, the individualized proposals and solutions but also the absolute identification in relation to the needs, are important elements that define the final identity of the project.

When designing, the creative team pays attention to fully understanding the wishes and requirements of the entrepreneur. Effective communication helps to record his real expectations, to shape his needs and then to achieve the ideal solution that harmonizes aesthetics with functionality.

How important is it?

image design through two-dimensional and photorealistic designs gives value to decorating, renovating or rebuilding a space. The layout of furniture and equipment ensures the functionality and the perfect exploitation of every square meter. The full understanding of the proposal by the investor allows design adjustments before the project commences, avoiding waste of time and money. This enables him / her to actively participate in decisions and improve the proposal until the implementation solution is finalized.An initiative for a renovation without an architectural design leads to an investment of dubious effect and financially uncontrollable amount.

The company directs the investor to plan the required tasks and estimates the amount of money that will eventually need to be allocated. Responsible and professional opinion, architectural design and supervision of specialists protect against mistaken decisions and unnecessary actions.The employer having a comprehensive architectural design in his hands can choose the size of the interventions he wants to be done immediately, leaving some others for the future either due to financial difficulties or lack of time. Since all work is done according to the architectural design, whatever he/she chooses, he/she is sure of the result of his investment.

The architectural design ensures the employer’s efficient investment by realizing his vision. Saving time and money, the final design solution regulates all parameters, aesthetic, functional, commercial. With regard to business premises and retail outlets, merchandising techniques are implemented during design, construction and by the end of the project. Product highlighting leads to increased sales and attraction of new customers.To summarize, the assignment of an architectural design by Innovo Constructions is a tactical action for the employer who can only profit from it.

The company’s long experience and continuous technical training are a guarantee for a comprehensive architectural design which, in its application, results in a worthy result of expectations. In this way the diversity of the property is ensured by creating an original identity that expresses the employer. Personalizing original ideas to create unique solutions that highlight the form and use of the property dynamically introduce the space into today’s increased competition.

Complete and designed recast

Architectural design and construction of a rhinoplasty clinic in Pallini

Our creative team designed and implemented a state-of-the-art clinic with a unique identity and a special, futuristic aesthetic that wins the trust of patients from the first moment.

Σχεδιασμός ανακαίνισης γυναικολογικού ιατρείου στην Ηλιούπολη

Η συνδυαστική προσέγγιση με στόχο την επίτευξη ενός περιβάλλοντος οικειότητας, εν μέσω λειτουργικών χώρων, χαρακτηρίζει την ξεχωριστή διακόσμηση αυτού του ιατρείου.

Architectural design and construction of a gynecological clinic of Mrs. Maragoudaki in Piraeus

The ergonomic design, attractive decoration and functionality of the spaces and their systems, reflect the very careful design of this medical space.

Μελέτη και κατασκευή γυναικολογικού ιατρείου της Κυρίας Μαραγουδάκη στον Πειραιά

Ο εργονομικός σχεδιασμός, η ελκυστική διακόσμηση και η λειτουργικότητα των χώρων και των συστημάτων τους, αποτυπώνουν τον ιδιαίτερα προσεγμένο σχεδιασμό αυτού του ιατρικού χώρου.

Design of a gynecological clinic renovation in Ilioupoli

The combined approach with the aim of achieving an environment of intimacy, in the middle of functional spaces, characterizes the special decoration of this practice.

Μελέτη και κατασκευή ρινοπλαστικής κλινικής στην Παλλήνη

Η δημιουργική μας ομάδα σχεδίασε και υλοποίησε μια υπερσύγχρονη κλινική με μοναδική ταυτότητα και ιδιαίτερη, φουτουριστική αισθητική που κερδίζει την εμπιστοσύνη των ασθενών από την πρώτη στιγμή.