Professional Coffee Equipment – Bar
Coffee in all its forms is a daily habit for people all over the world. An impressive, neat and stylish store wins people’s hearts. Professional coffee bar equipment plays a catalytic role in immediate and excellent customer service.

Most coffee bars fail within the first few months of operation, mainly due to the poor design of their professional equipment. The wrong choice of professional coffee bar equipment can soon create problems that will affect its proper operation and proper customer service.

The financial operation, the performance of the staff and the customer service are inextricably linked to the professional equipment of the store. Poor design also means poor operation.

The professional equipment in a coffee bar consists of a series of functional furniture, machines and refrigerators, used for the preparation of products. At Innovo, as you can see in the photos, we know how to take advantage of the last bit of available space. We design and install ergonomically designed professional coffee bar equipment, with stainless steel playing a catalytic role in the final result. The placement of the products is easily done by the staff and their projection in the eyes of the customers is done in a methodical and substantial way. The cooling and heating systems of the booths keep the products fresh and high quality, something that becomes visible to the naked eye by visitors.

Finally, the professional equipment of the coffee bar also includes storage spaces that are designed with the functionality and the optimal use of the spaces in mind. In this way, the supplies of the store are made smoothly and malfunction problems are avoided, which may have to do with the performance of the staff and the stocks of the store.

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