G Elikonis

Crystalline structure gondola with wooden platform at the bottom.

The furniture is made from Triplex-Securite crystals for the highest security. Its glass back blends with special supported crystal brackets that hold the shelves. The pedestal on the bottom has integrated lighting, diffusing light from bottom to top in each rack.

Code 4026UK G-Elikonis A  Gondola Dimensions:100X60XH140
Code 4027UK G-Elikonis B Gondola Dimensions:150X60XH140
Code 4028UK G-Elikonis C Gondola Dimensions:200X60XH140
Code 4029UK G-Elikonis D Gondola Dimensions:160X60XH140
Code .4030UK G-Elikonis E Gondola Dimensions:240X60XH140
Code 4031UK G-Elikonis F Gondola Dimensions:240X60XH140

The furniture can be made in any desired dimentions, color or wood veneer yield with all or portions of the following color collection .
You can contact us to create any furniture you wish, according to your color needs in any measurements would fit your store.