This gondola has crystal shelves on both sides with an extension seating. The color variation widths help categorize furniture while the removable shelves with independent drivers offer flexibility in setting up products according to the needs.

The auxiliary furniture on the left of the seat is used to carry various tasks while functioning as a storage space for medical instruments (blood pressure monitor, etc). The furniture is made of lacquer.

With two columns and vertical slats for extended product projection.

Code.4003 G-Aelia A S Gondola shelving Dimention: 250X80XH120

Code.4004 G-Aelia B Gondola shelving Dimention: 250X80XH121

Code.4005 G-Aelia C Gondola shelving Dimention: 220X80XH122

Code.4006 G-Aelia D Gondola shelving Dimention: 245X80XH123

Code.4007 G-Aelia E Gondola shelving Dimention: 140X80XH124

Code4008UK G-Aelia-F Gondola shelving Dimention:165X80XH125

The furniture can be made in any desired dimentions, color or wood veneer yield with all or portions of the following color collection .
You can contact us to create any furniture you wish, according to your color needs in any measurements would fit your store.