Drawer systems – Firstline tecnyfarma

You can enjoy complete flexibility, as pharmacy drawers can be adapted to available space behind the counter of the fund.

We provide the lightest and most durable product in the market with simple aluminum drivers. The construction, which is conducted entirely by the team of Innovo, quality controls and our experience in the field are irrefutable evidence proving our professionalism. We know all the needs of pharmacists, to the smallest detail.

The storage system has a very flexible design. The self-contained and independent structure, it allows future enhancement or modification, always depending on the needs, This conversion may involve the layout, number of drawers in each column or the number of drugs stored in each drawer (amended thanks to special internal partitions made ​​of polycarbonate).

Thanks to this system the pharmacist can spend more time in customer service. Ensuring that all medicines are stored in the right way according to the category to which they belong, the time taken to find each product decreases significantly.