Professional catering equipment

The public catering areas include all the shops that offer meals with all kinds of food and drinks. A basic condition for the proper operation of the business is its design and professional equipment. Professional catering equipment must be free of sources of contaminants and arranged in such a way as to comply with the rules of good hygiene. The layout of the space and its equipment must guarantee the safety of the meals and at the same time favor the unhindered work of the staff.

Furniture, machinery and all kinds of accessories should be properly organized and help the smooth running of the business. The professional catering equipment includes the equipment of the product manufacturing area, the equipment of the product storage area, the equipment of the storage areas and finally the customer gathering area.

Design is the most important part of the process of building a restaurant. Quality and aesthetics are the required criteria for the correct choice of professional catering equipment. Experience in designing these businesses is the key to avoiding problems in the future.

When designing professional dining equipment, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the legislation, the ergonomics of the space, the size and style of the business, the business vision, the kitchen equipment and the type of dining space.

Professional catering equipment includes refrigerators, product storage and display areas, service benches and built-in machines, all designed exclusively for each store. At Innovo we know that professional catering equipment is a complex puzzle that we know how to solve with seriousness and responsibility.

Let’s design your own professional equipment together.