D Canova

Designed to be built-in or autonomous, this showcase, consists of white lacquered backs with crystal shelves supported by drivers and backlight LED RGB at the back side, while the upper part consists of linear lighting with integrated lighting for better projection of the products.

At the bottom it has a white lacquered drawer with telescopic guides. The composition is surrounded by gray lacquered frame , which defines the entire composition.

Code 6008UK D Canova 1 Shelving Unit Dimensions:120X30X270

Code 6009UK D Canova 2 Shelving Unit Dimensions:200X40X270

Code 6010UK D Canova 3 Shelving Unit Dimensions:300X40X270

Code 6011UK D Canova 4 Shelving Unit Dimensions:390X40X270

The furniture can be made in any desired dimentions, color or wood veneer yield with all or portions of the following color collection.

You can contact us to create any furniture you wish, according to your color needs in any measurements would fit your store.