C-Lumi Cube

Cube Gondola consisting of an inner laquered cube and an external crystal or Plexiglass. At the bottom of the inner cube there is eiather backlight RGB or white Led. The cube may include a drawer or cabinet for product storing.

The furniture can be combined with any other set of furniture fdue to its simple and flexible design.

Code1014UK C-Lumi Cube-A Counter Dimensions: 80Χ80ΧΗ90

Code1015UK C-Lumi Cube-B Counter Dimensions: 150Χ80ΧΗ90

The furniture can be made in any desired dimentions, color or wood veneer yield with all or portions of the following color collection.

You can contact us to create any furniture you wish, according to your color needs in any measurements would fit your store.