Overview of A 3000:

  • Two independent grippers
  • 4 cameras
  • Remote maintenance via video
  • Operational security due to numerous backups
  • Access control due to security log
  • Storage security due to VidCap
  • Exceptional reliability through redundancy

Do you have 400 or more customers a day? Especially at peak times you need an absolutely secure accounting system that provides your team with optimal support. Welcome to the premium category. The A 3000 offers the best performance for pharmacies that also offer the best service.

The two grippers will handle packages in the storage area, and one inlet gripper for full automatic entry, will take care of your customers quickly, even during rush hours. Thus, packet storage ensures the shortest delivery time to your customers. All function-related components have a backup – even the two gripper arms.

This is not only faster but also a safer machine. The A 3000 is the only fully redundant robotic collection system on the market. With the sophisticated back-up combinations of components and the intelligent redundancy that allows different electrical components to replace each other, we have been able to achieve the highest degree of safe operation. In case you need help – in over 98% of cases, our technical hotline is able to solve the problem immediately.

However, our Apostore technicians will assist you if needed and will perform regular maintenance, updating or adjusting shelves in a new product area.



Apostore A3000