Unique optical furniture
See how we design and manufacture unique optical furniture

INNOVO. Come and design together and make unique furniture for an optical store, exclusively for you and your space.

The study and design of the furniture is done in order to maximize the space and the correct distribution of products. Adding your own ideas and your own style, we create unique furniture that perfectly fits your space.

Our many years of experience in decorating similar stores enables us to highlight the personality of a store, emphasizing the functionality, comfort and aesthetics of the space in order to attract new customers.

We design and manufacture unique furniture for your optics store.

After consultation we come to your place where the first acquaintance takes place. There we will record your needs and requirements.
Then we measure your space or send us a floor plan of the store.
We will study and prepare our proposals.
In re-communication we will make an appointment to design your new and unique furniture together.

You can call 2109717925 to make an appointment.