Shop equipment by INNOVO Constructions

We design your store as you want and we implement your ideas! Original and practical solutions for every business!

Aesthetically and operationally, upgrade your business premises to better serve the customer, using your own style.

The renewal of fittings is a key element in the renovation of a store. Properly designed fittings help both the customer and the staff. Improving the aesthetics, functionality and fit of the space with new furniture helps employees’ mood and efficiency with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

Products and Equipment

Top quality products and equipment of business premises for Greece and abroad.

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Innovo constructions has a dynamic team of architects and engineers who design and manufacture unique fittings exclusively for your own store.

The new fittings will be an extension of the store and will express your own style. If you prefer a particular project, we will give you an offer at the lowest market price. We design and manufacture unique fittings for your store.

Firstly, we come to your place where the first acquaintance takes place. There, we will record your needs and requirements.

Then we measure your store or you send us a floor plan of the store. We will design and prepare our proposals.

In our next contact, we will make an appointment to design together your new and unique fittings.