Professional confectionery equipment

Confectionery is at the heart of the food industry and is one of the most dynamic industries in the catering industry. Without sweets and pastries, no kitchen is and can not be complete. The confectioner works with sugar and flour as raw material. and offers gastronomic delights, tasty and attractive products with a huge impact.

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The current trend in the market is the modernization of professional confectionery equipment with modern machinery and product promotion systems. The development of the bakery industry and the spread of standard confectionery products have created new points of sale by creating large or small units, in which the professional equipment of the candy shop must guarantee the health and quality of food.
Our perspective on professional confectionery equipment
The display of products, sweet and savory, in the appropriate way highlights the delicacies, awakening the customer’s senses. The professional equipment of a confectionery presupposes the ergonomic existence of shop windows, refrigerators, storage space and counters according to the requirements and needs of the owner.

At Innovo, the study and design of professional confectionery equipment is based on functionality and space and energy savings. The perfect operation of the store goes through the correct ergonomics and the elegant line of the equipment.
Our many years of experience in the field of professional confectionery equipment, allows us to design and manufacture unique furniture and equipment machines exclusively for your space.
Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find the ideal solution for the professional equipment of your confectionery..