Professional equipment from INNOVO Constructions

Professional equipment with the guarantee of Innovo. Our experience in the field of professional equipment, makes us a leading force in the field of supply of stores with modern machines, excellently designed and fully functional.

The professional equipment of each store is designed separately, as it must combine:

– the proper management and organization of the available space
– the high standards of machinery, furniture and all equipment,
– the low energy consumption of commercial refrigerators,
– the functionality of the space,
– the smart display of products in shop windows and at the same time their safe storage,
facilitating staff work and increasing its efficiency, and
– the excellent service of the customers of the store.

Products and Equipment

Top quality products and equipment of business premises for Greece and abroad.

The professional equipment consists of product showcases, professional refrigerators, counters and storage spaces, the harmonious coexistence of which highlight the store and serve the staff and customers. The ergonomics of stainless steel play a catalytic role in both professional refrigerators and product showcases. Innovo Constructions undertakes to design and manufacture Inox professional equipment for stores such as:

  • Cafes and bars
  • Dining areas such as restaurants, taverns
  • Confectioneries and confectionery workshops
  • Butchers and all kinds of meat preparation areas
  • Fish shops and seafood processing areas
  • Any kind of food and beverage store
  • Hotel and factory breweries.

For Innovo, professional equipment is the guarantee for the perfect operation of a business space and is treated as the dominant element in the design of a store. It is adapted according to the needs of the store and the requirements of each entrepreneur. The modern lines improve the aesthetics of the space and their elegance attracts customers. We have equipped more than 200 stores with PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT OF OUR OWN CONSTRUCTION. So do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can design the equipment of your store together.