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Unique pharmacy fittings to upgrade your pharmacy aesthetically and operationally in order to better serve the customer, using your own style.

Renovation of furnishings is a major element in the renovation of a pharmacy. Properly designed pharmacy fittings helps in easy and effortless access to medicines by both the customer and the pharmacist. Improving the aesthetics, functionality and orderliness of the area with new pharmacy fittings helps employees’ mood and profitability with the ultimate goal of increasing sales, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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Unique fittings

Every pharmacy is based on multiple fittings in order to function properly and increase customer expectations. The best solution is often a compromise between functionality and visual identity, within the good practice established in the pharmaceutical industry. The columns of drawers are perhaps the simplest pharmacy furniture you can find in a pharmacy and are ideal for organizing small items in a particular order.

Usually made of aluminum, the drawers are designed to be as lighter as possible. Special drawers can carry out the difficult task of containing dangerous substances and medicines and their isolation from other pharmaceuticals. The chests of drawers are essential pharmacy furniture to maintain a well-organized and functional space, and it is hard to imagine a more flexible storage unit.

The dimensions of the drawers make them fit in any pharmacy and here, the differentiation and standardization plays a very important role.

Gondola shelving

The showcases, as pharmacy fittings, come immediately after the columns of drawers, based on wider use within pharmacies. Whether we are talking about the traditional single showcase, or for gondolas, window displays provide a great exploitation of the space. Of course, we can differentiate window displays that are positioned as furniture in the reception area, where customers are free to navigate between them, as well as window displays placed in the backspace.

The main difference between these two pharmacy fittings is that window displays placed out of the public eye will meet less stringent requirements in terms of their aspect. On the other hand, window displays placed in the reception area always play a smaller role in the overall storage space and act primarily as a projection to place the products.

The color, lighting and quality of the final surface play a key role in creating harmony and visual identity within the pharmacy. The main purpose of this pharmacy furniture is to draw the attention of every potential customer by giving him a brief look at the wide variety of products available for sale. Medicines that are placed in such projected units are usually supplements and vitamins or widely used medications that act as an anchor for people who are not looking for a medicine for a particular condition.

Displays are often based on their building blocks to act as internal design elements as well. These fittings can accommodate panels for advertisements and posters, and some can even accommodate other functions, such as a seat to rest. For pharmacies who want to take advantage of the available space in a very efficient way, it is possible to connect the service counter with these windows.

Sittings for stores

The cash desk is a pharmacy furniture that is often the focal point of the entire pharmacy. As it interferes with the interaction between customers and pharmacy staff, the bench also functions as a boundary between space accessible to the public and space that is limited to accessibility. Any customer who enters a new pharmacy will instinctively look at this furniture and therefore there is a particular need to stand out from the rest of the pharmacy equipment.

Reception desks as pharmacy fittings are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are often an option that complements the rest of the pharmacy equipment.

These pharmacy fittings typically incorporate appliances for the safe storage of cash, and allow the placement of electronic devices (such as POS credit cards) on them. The reception desks usually fulfill the need of staff for a little distance from the common view allowing them to do their personal tasks on their computer. For security reasons, some pharmacies choose dense glass to fit into the service counter.

The sittings, as pharmacy fittings, are always a great addition to their equipment. As a stop, the local pharmacy is often last on the list of everyday tasks and it is very convenient to have a resting point for those who need a short break to put their thoughts in order and be able to decide. The fittings – pharmacy sittings can be individual or mobile items, where you can change location, or join with other fittings.

The latter offers the advantage of keeping the customer closer to the products, even during rest, offering a comfortable position from which he can browse the wide range of products displayed on the shelves of the furniture. Choosing the right pharmacy furniture for the reception area is often the most difficult decision because it is the only visible part of the pharmacy in the public eye.

The message he has to show must clearly state that he will offer his services with constant attention to detail and quality.

Pharmacy Reception Desks Innovo construction, besides the rich range of ready-made furniture (drawers, gondolas, benches), has a team of architects and engineers who design and manufacture unique pharmacy fittings exclusively for your own store.

Affordable pharmacy fittings that will be an extension of space and will express your own style. We design and manufacture unique pharmacy furniture exclusively for your own store. Upon consultation, the person in charge comes to your store where he makes a first autopsy to listen to your needs and requirements.

Then you send us a floor plan of your store. We will design and prepare our proposals. In re-communication, we will make an appointment to design together the new and unique furniture of your pharmacy. For more information, call 00302109717925.

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