Construction / Renovation


Construction / Renovation

INNOVO Constructions: Original constructions perceived from afar, in order to convert passersby into regular customers of your store.


Μελέτη κατασκευής ψητοπωλείου στη Ραφήνα

Η πόλη της Ραφήνας μπορεί να είναι γνωστή για το λιμάνι και τις ακτές της, όμως για να απογειωθεί έπρεπε να αποκτήσει ένα εξίσου ξακουστό ψητοπωλείο.

Μελέτη κατασκευής καταστήματος παγωτού στο Ίλιον

Στη συγκεκριμένη μελέτη, δώσαμε μεγάλη έμφαση στα χτυπητά χρώματα και στις ονειρικές συνθέσεις. Καταφέραμε να σχεδιάσουμε έναν χώρο που μπορείς να βρεις μόνο στα στενά της Μονμάρτης και της Ρώμης.

Μελέτη κατασκευής εστιατορίου στον Κορυδαλλό

Ένας χώρος που να προδιαθέτει τους πελάτες, από το να πιουν τον καφέ ή το ποτό τους, μέχρι να απολαύσουν ένα λουκούλλειο γεύμα. Πρόκειται για ένα χώρο πολυμορφικό, που όμως πρέπει να διατηρεί την μοναδικότητα των τομέων του.

Restaurant – Bar Construction in Gazi

Renovating a bar – restaurant requires technical knowledge, flexibility and mastery in the implementation of the proposals. Harmonizing the environment with new decorative items and smooth coexistence with equipment components pre-existing or pre-selected by the businessperson is a difficult task.

Snack – Cafe renovation study in Soutsou

A small café pops up in the city center. Innovo Constructions has taken over the architectural design of this café and has done it well once again. We undertook the preparation of the renovation of the café, so that there…

Café – Bar Construction in Nea Smyrni

The frozen yogurt with its infinite benefits also makes its appearance in Greece! Due to the strong consumer appeal and demand, especially in the summer months, the second Yoomoo chain opens in Nea Smyrni, consolidating its presence in the southern…

Burger restaurant renovation in Ilion

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it would be worthwhile to make a renovation in their store, investing money and time. The key to success is finding the right partner to make the investment have value and purpose. The type and size…

Snack – café construction “The Golden”

The tradition of “The Golden” stores starts in Serres and travels all over Greece. It is one of the most dynamic businesses in the Greek territory with a continuous upward trend. The collaboration with Innovo Constructions and the construction of…

Construction of a playground in Mikrolimano

Innovo Constructions undertook the design of a playground in the beautiful Microliminano. A prominent beachfront building will host the joy and carelessness of the children, as well as the relaxation and carelessness of the parents, which is equally important. It…

Snack – café renovation in Petralona

Investing in the renovation and the upgrading of a snack – coffee shop has been proven to be beneficial to the operation of the business. The place acquires its own identity and the public acquires a pleasant experience that remains…

Cafe – bistro construction in Panormou

Bistro cafeterias first appeared in France but slowly began to spread all over the world. Their integration into Greek society has become smoothly, as fast, simple and quality food is keeping up with the fast-paced daily routine. The combination of…

Architectural design of a snack bar- café in Gerakas

The new snack bar-café in Gerakas is a pole of attraction for the passers-by thanks to its innovative style, the warm and welcoming environment, and its functional layout. The ergonomic design of the interior and exterior with the multi-table chair…

Café Construction in Petroupoli

When talking about a cafe, what is the first thing that comes to our minds? Reliability, relaxation, enjoyment of unique beverages enjoying with friends. This is how it seems that every coffee shop area determines the reputation of food &…

Snack – café renovation in Piraeus

The modernization and upgrading of a snack – café, the adaptation to the new demands and the increased demands of the current consumer, the aesthetic renewal and the increase of the commerciality are elements that improve its image and introduce…

Tavern decoration in Argyroupolis

Aesthetics, friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, organization are some of the meanings that the construction of the tavern in Argyroupoli represents. Direct service and customer care are perceived from the very first moment with the entry of the customers into the tavern.

Ice cream store renovation at Egaleo

The renovation of the ice cream store in Egaleo is dedicated to admirers of bold colors who like to enjoy their delicacies in a joyful and vibrant atmosphere. The dynamism of the environment drives young and old to unique delights…

Yoomoo Construction in Glyfada

Wondering where you can enjoy separate refreshing delicacies without guilt for their unnecessary calories? Of course, the solution is one! Visit Yoomoo! The lean frozen yogurt offered by this new chain of stores is a special tasting experience that will…

Snack-café store renovation in Agios Dimitrios

How can a snack-cafe store be able to change form and acquire a new identity? The cooperation of the entrepreneur in Agios Dimitrios with Innovo Constructions guarantees the modernization of the space and its integration into the modern increased competition.

Snack-café-market construction in Santorini

The demands are increased when the store is on an island like Santorini. However, the evolution of technology allow excellent communication and online viewing of presentations and photorealistic projects, without the need for unnecessary travel.

Tavern renovation in Peristeri

The most valuable tool in the hands of the entrepreneur is the store and the equipment, both functional and aesthetically, in order to achieve increased attraction of consumers. The pleasant environment and the high quality of a grill are the…

Snack-café construction at Agios Dimitrios

In the “Zimotiri” of Agios Dimitrios, everything is fresh and handmade. Data in the catering industry is constantly changing with the situation requiring entrepreneurs to adopt the modern trends for a successful and rewarding store.

Tavern construction in Pagkrati

The needs of the catering industry are constantly increasing, requiring entrepreneurs to adapt to the current market trends for their successful course and development. The architectural design and construction of the tavern in Pagkrati was completed by Innovo Constructions.

Snack-café construction at Vari

In modern Greece and due to the rapid rhythms of everyday life, there is a rapid increase in snack-cafe stores. Attractiveness combined with the functionality and commerciality of a store are catalytic factors for attracting new customers and maximizing sales.

Snack-café construction at Agia Paraskevi

Quality – Functionality – Aesthetics. Three concepts, three values. The snack – café entrepreneur in Agia Paraskevi, wishing to have a store representing these values, contacted Innovo. The company with consistency and determination is a valuable partner for the entrepreneur…

Restaurant construction in Akadimias Street

A restaurant is known primarily for its quality, immediate service and hospitality. Consumers choose to dedicate time and money to enjoy their meal in a restaurant only if it meets its criteria.

Renovation of snack bar – café in Piraeus

The setting up of a snack-café shop is particularly important because employees spend a big part of their day trying to serve customers in the best way possible, and on the other hand, it should be welcoming and warm inviting…

Café – Bar Renovation in Ilioupoli

The location of the business in a central location of the area and the existence of many other competitive venues around raised the question of finding the ideal solution for a renovation to revive the place and attract new customers.

Αrchitectural design of a soda shop in Kotzia Square

Kotzia square is one of the most central squares in Athens. At INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS, we were called to do the architectural design for the renovation and construction of an organic shop in this area.

Design bar construction in Karystos

With this concrete café bar renovation, we were given the opportunity to take advantage of our talent in shop design to the fullest. We overcome ourselves by bringing various elements of nature into this renovation, with scattered art nouveau references…

Architectural design of snack-coffee construction in Ilioupoli

A small snack cafe in Ilioupoli decided to open up and be available for its unique customers. The businessman entrusted the care and design of this small and warm space to INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS.

Tavern renovation in Perissos

A fish tavern will make its appearance in Perissos and, if anything, it wants to be as amazing as the products it offers. The shopkeeper, assigned INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS the departmental and decorative study of the store.

Café Renovation in Melissia

The study of a café-bars in Melissia, different than the rest, was the work of INNOVO CONSTRUCTION, this time. Small, warm and welcoming. With sharpened and vivid colors, capable of igniting the imagination.

Cafe – bar renovation in Anavyssos

Innovo Constructions, with its many years of experience, has extensive knowledge of refurbishment of catering stores so that the customer feels comfortable and pleasant. At the same time, it is aware of the needs of a cafeteria-bar for the ergonomic…

Architectural design of a Snack-cafe in Kallithea

Βeing multi-tasking and talented, in INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS, every project for us is a very interesting game. The goal is simple. To see the satisfaction in the eyes of the customer. To hear his nice words and recommendations to other people…

Snack – cafe in Kallithea

The cooperation of the entrepreneur with OPAP enables consumers to enjoy a drink or a snack at the dining venue and, at the same time, if they wish to be served by the Gambling Agency which is co-hosted with it.

Architectural design of a tavern in Argyroupoli

At the food table, people meet their basic needs while sharing a unique delight with each other and communicating in a meaningful way while eating. This is why the environment in which these activities take place, must relax and inspire…

Construction of a Loukoumania store in Pagrati

Greek doughnut balls, muffins and other sweet treats. A sweet sin that you can’t ignore. Naturally, all of these could not entice all kinds of sweet lovers if they were not hosted in a place that matches their sweetness and…

Loukoumania Shop Renovation in Chalandri

Greek doughnuts are among the foods favored by kids and adults alike. INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS has designed yet another store of the well-known chain. We again took care of creating a shop that stimulates appealingly the appetite and urges people to…

Café Renovation in Pagrati

In the urban Pagkrati, INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS undertook the architectural design for the renovation of a cafe-bar. An area that has to do with the famous coffee. It is perhaps one of the most popular products and the market is full…

Architectural Design of a Restaurant in Artemida

Unique flavors in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with excellent service constitute the key to success. But how can the entrepreneur upgrade and equip his space both aesthetically and functionally by realizing his vision? The owner of the restaurant found…

Construction of Nakas book-café

Let’s go to another era. Let’s travel to magical and dreamy nights. It took a journey in time, sprinkled with plenty of nature and eccentric strokes. And here came the Book Store. INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS once again surpassed itself, creating a…

Μελέτη Σνακ Καφέ στον Άγιο Ιωάννη Ρέντη

Στον Άγιο Ιωάννη Ρέντη Αττικής, η Innovo Constructions, ανέλαβε τη μελέτη καφέ μπαρ, ενός καταστήματος το οποίο θα δημιουργηθεί με εξαιρετικό μεράκι και πανέμορφες γωνιές που θα το κάνουν να ξεχωρίζει.

Σχεδιαστική πρόταση Σνακ καφέ στη Νάξο

Η μελέτη καταστήματος που διενεργεί κατά καιρούς η Innovo Constructions, βοηθά πολύ για τη μετέπειτα κατασκευή καταστημάτων εστίασης. Αυτό το ξέρουν όλοι οι επιχειρηματίες και για αυτό, εμπιστεύονται τους καλύτερους του είδους, προκειμένου να ετοιμάσουν τη μελέτη καταστήματος, για το δικό τους μαγαζί.

Renovation of a Snack-cafe in Zografou

A snack-cafe in Zografou full of nostalgia wanted to do a shop renovation. It reminds of our grandmother’s woodburner when she baked her fragrant pies. INNOVO, once again carried out the renovation design, in its well-known amazing way, of a…

Μελέτη πρόσοψης Σνακ Μπαρ στου Ζωγράφου

Η Innovo Constructions, ανέλαβε ένα πολύ δύσκολο έργο. Τη μελέτη καφετέριας, με σκοπό την ανακαίνιση πρόσοψης καφετέριας. Προσπαθήσαμε να διατηρήσουμε την ήδη υπάρχουσα διακόσμηση και διαρρύθμιση, συνδέοντάς τα με τα καινούρια δεδομένα.

Μελέτη Σνακ Καφέ στο Περιστέρι

H Innovo Constructions, φροντίζει πάντα για την κατασκευή καταστήματος καφέ. Σε αυτό βοηθάει η άριστη και εξειδικευμένη μελέτη καταστήματος καφέ, που θα προηγηθεί. Γι αυτό ένας επιχειρηματίας στο Περιστέρι Αττικής, μας ανέθεσε τη μελέτη καταστήματος καφέ για την επιχείρησή του.

Construction of a Playground in Argos

At INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS, we have taken care of the architectural design of a playground, that resembles the springs of a fairyland. We have taken care to create a breeding ground so that the renovation of this beautiful playground is the…

Μελέτη καταστήματος γρήγορου φαγητού στη Καλλιθέα

Στη σημερινή εποχή ο ανταγωνισμός έχει φτάσει στο αποκορύφωμα με το αγοραστικό κοινό να αναζητά νέες διεξόδους χαλάρωσης και ανανέωσης. Έτσι ένα σύγχρονο και φιλικό κατάστημα γρήγορου φαγητού διαφορετικό από τα συνηθισμένα, κάνει την εμφάνισή του στην Καλλιθέα Αττικής δίνοντας πνοή στους κατοίκους της περιοχής.

Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of dining stores and entertainment in order to be accessible and comfortable in the world 24 hours a day, depending on customer needs.

We make sure that restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, ice cream parlors can be perceived by the general public at large distance. Original ideas, innovative materials and construction are being combined with your personal style, with the help from our experienced and skilled staff, and with proper lighting highlights the store, which in the end is being projected uniquely.

All areas of a store are studied separately and their design are being tailored to its specifics. The construction process goes through three stages you can see here: implementation stages

In a renovation, the track that is visible to customers is the decor and furnishings. This is why we show special sensitivity and attention to this area. We manufacture unique furniture for every room and we decorate your store with special creations.

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